Monday, March 3, 2014

70 Days Until Mother's Day!


Ok, get ready, this is going to be a goooood email. :)

On Monday we didn't end up going to Pitcher, but, oh well (we had to go later in the week anyway)
It was weird. I've been practicing piano every day lately. I'm getting pretty good!

(still struggling though, but seriously, Krista's Simplified Hymn book SAVES me every week)

Tuesday we went to a specialized Sister's training in Springfield, MO. It was sooo fun, they talked a lot about overcoming fears and stuff. My fear: Tracting in the dark. haha. (the most legit one by far) President talked a lot about Elder Worthlin's talk "Come What May and Love It." President and Sister Shumway take good care of us. I loveeee them! We had salad for lunch, it was probably the MOST healthy I've eaten so far on my mission. (seriously, we've had chicken fried steak like...every night this week haha) My favorite part about being an OTM Missionary is after eating, we always sing "Called to Serve" the the Relief Society Sisters/whoever else made our food for us. I love it. It is my absolute FAVORITE. I always know that I'm a missionary for real when I sing that song with the rest of the missionaries in the OTM :)

Wednesday we had district meeting in Neosho, and for the first time since I've been here we DIDN'T get lost! (Probably because I was driving haha) We also went to a baby shower for a distant cousin, her name is Otaza (oh-daz-uh) It means Beautiful in Osage. Otaza's dad is related to Cleopatra, Pocahontas' sister. Since Sister Clayson and I are BOTH related to Pocahontas, he calls us his "Sister Cousins" hahaha. Otaza is about a month old, they are also adopting their nephew, who is only 3 months old. Sooooo basically they just got twins! haha. We decorated onsies for them. SOO Cuutee! All I wanted was a little baby to fill one up with! Buuutt since missionaries can't hold babies....I just had to pretend :P

Thursday we did weekly planning, and it took like 2 seconds because we have ZEROOOO investigators, they've all moved away from us to get baptized in other places. PLEASE pray that we find more people to teach this week! hahaha. We met this lady on Thursday who said, "When I die I want to be cremated and then flushed down the toilet, that way people have to crap on me allll night long." She was nuts... Later we went to Sally Beauty to see one of our few investigators (we're teaching everyone who works at that store now basically hahaha.) and she gave us a bunch of free stuff. Woopwoop! #perksofbeingamissionary


It's awesome. For dinner, we burnt EVERYTHING we tried to make, soooo we starved. It was a sad day.

On Friday EVERYONE canclled on we looked for less actives EVERYWHERE. We even went to Pitcher. Some people do still  live there and we had to make sure this guy wasn't one of them. Well...that place looks like a post apocolyptic world. No joke. The Government bought like all the land (because of the led) and has it all fenced off, it's creepy. The only road open is the one that goes through the main street, none of the buildings have windows or doors and they all are spray painted "KEEP OUT" or  some thing like that, there are fields of foundations where the tornado just LEVELED everything, it's sooo sad, think small town "I Am Legend" status.... On this guys reccord we wrote, "Home Abandoned" we thought it would be funny :P

But on Friday I learned that: No matter HOW bad a missionary's day can be....9:00 will always come. haha.

Saturday was...crazy, to say the least.
Chance got baptized!

We went to the church early to fill the font...about 40 minutes later I realized that I forgot to plug the bottom up! hhaha. Thankfully it filled up in time. The baptism started and then...the Bishop didn't have the key to open the font doors...Buuuttt good thing Brother Chomba is black...he borrowed a pocket knife from Brother Kimberling and broke the door open. hahaha.

This is a quote from Brother Chomba so that you can know what kind of person he is:
He is the Elder's Quorum President. We were picking up limbs at a less actives house, he says, "Yeah, they call me the Elders Quorum President, but all it really is is slave labor." and he throws his head back and laughs! haha. SOO Fuunny.

he reminds me of Vahe a lot.

good stuff, soo that happened, and THEN the guy doing the baptism did it wrong, and neither of the witnesses recognized it...
so awkward, they're shutting the doors and I'm just sitting there thinking, "That wasn't right... not...right."
so when bishop came to sit down, I said..."Uhhh bishop....It wasn't right..."
soooo awwwkwwarrddddd! I love being a missionary. haha!

In the end Chance was baptized...the right way. thank goodness!

Saturday night was Stake Conference, so naturally we went to a Steakhouse, Longhorns Steakhouse. SOO delicious. It looks like mom's living room but WAY bigger and in Restaurant style. Kendra took us, and man, that food was mighty good!

Stake Conference was SOOO good. Seriously.

She said that missionaries who get their visa are now going to the Brasil CTM for 2 weeks before going to their mission. HOPEFULLY that's true! It would make me SOOO happy. I definitely don't know annyyy Portuguese. All I know is how to talk like someone from...out here. haha. She leaves next Tuesday! I want to go tooo!!


On Sunday we went to Jop-Top for a missionary meeting and Stake Conference part two. Again, it was really good, I learned LOTS.

Last night we got DUMPED on with snow. Please watch the video on youtube called Bread and Milk (The orignal video) People LITERALLY do that here, if you go to walmart before a storm comes in....Good luck finding bread and milk. hahahaha. So we got lots of snow, but thanks to all my buddies (Davy, Ty, and Lance-Pants) for making me drive with them to the mountain to go snowboarding with them all the time I am a PROfesh at driving in the snow :)

This Saturday we get the call: Transfers, we are excited to find out what's happening!

I hope you have a really great week! LOVEEE you all! :D

-Sister Huskey #2

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