Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OTM- Obeasity Through Members's Sooooo true. haha!

Hola Peeps,

Here's a SUPER quick run down of what happened this week (and a half)


Monday March 3rd.
We loaded up and helped moved our favorite family (one of them anyway) to North Dakota.
The missionaries there are going to be counting their blessings, every single one of them are all ready ALL READY for baptism....
they just gotta fill the font, say a few prayers, take a little swim, and they'll be on their way!

seriously though.

Tuesday march 4th
We met this Indian lady, her dad was the LAST Quapaw medicine man. Pretty cool huh?
We also went tracting, and THAT was great, lots of new people to teach!
WE made a goal to knock on 100 doors this week (with the idea that we'd have so many new people that we wouldn't have time to do them worked :P)

Wednesday March 5th
Tracting again today, talked with everyone who opened their door, it was amazing.

Thursday March 6th
I went on exchanges to JOPLIN!! woohoo! Sister Tindall and I had LOTS of fun!
The tornado sirens went was great. hahah.

Friday March 7th
We had an awesome Zone Training Meeting. It was so fun.
It was my last time seeing Sister Tait before she leaves for Brazil! (She left on MONDAY!)
Now all the Visa waiters that are waiting for more than 2 months go to the Brazil MTC FIRST! That makes me sooooo happy!
I'm STOKED to get there!

Saturday March 8th.....
Transfer callssss....
It killed me ALL day long, I was SO nervous!
haha. I'm going to TAHLEQUAH!

woohoo! I'm excited, I'll be serving with Sister Davis! She's so adorable, this is her 3rd transfer! I leave tomorrow morning!

Sunday March 9th
Church is the best. I love it, Our ward mission leader said that on his mission in Portugal, they weren't allowed to ANY meetings, unless they had an Investigator or a less active with them! HOW crazy! I'm glad that's not the rule here...but if it was, we'd be ok we always have someone at church :)

Monday March 10th

We helped Kendra with her backyard, getting ready to bring the girls home! Woohoo!
annndd thennn..we went to heaven. There's this guy that has a horse rescue place in Quapaw, he's put 200 horses through, (he adopts them out once their back to their good ol selves and their trained and stuff) IT WAS SO FUN.
I played with Milkshake, she'll be 1 on the 10th of April! She is fiesty, but I think she fell in love with me after the first 10 minutes, by the end she was just following me around wherever I went.
Someone PLEASE go visit Zane for me! I miss that guy! Like a TON, more than I miss anything else (seriously, I'm not even joking about that.)
Mom, I give you permission to build a BIG dog house in the back yard and bring him home for me :) ok? 

Anyway, that place was heaven, I wish I were staying another transfer so that I could work with the horses there more, but, I guess I'll just have to find some Indians and help them train their horses, or rather, learn how they train theirs!

Tuesday March 11th
Lots of running yesterday, and then to top it off...we were at the church making copies of the Stop Smoking Workshop and my bag was locked in the truck and Sister Clayson accidentally shut the library door with her bag AND the keys inside it...awesome. luckily i had pockets in my skirt yesterday and I kept the phone there, so we got someone to unlock it for us. whew!
I saw Kendra for the last time yesterday! It was so sad! I'm going to miss that lady!

but yeah, that's the week, tomorrow morning I leave for Tahlequah! I'm so excited! 

It's some good stuff out here. I love being a missionary!

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