Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good News

I don´t have Gall Stones...

bad news...we still don´t know what´s wrong with my body! 

anyway. This week was pretty interesting. 

Last Monday there were a TON of people on the square staring at this one building. aparantly some guy had fallen of the edge..well..maybe, no one knows if he fell or if he jumped, he landed on another building, so no one could see anything anyway, but the whole would was just chillin. It was weird. 
Tuesday we went to lunch at the Stake President´s house. His kids had made these cool wooden guns, kindof like marshmellow shooters, but for beans! We played around with those for a while, it was pretty stinkin fun. 
After we went to see one of the families that we´re teaching. They haven´t been to church yet, but  EVERY ONE OF THEM are reading their scriptures.....TOGETHER and on their own! AHHH! 
so cool. 
We also lost our phone on tuesday..haha. and WE got lost on the bus system...some guy who aparantly works for them tried to help us...but he was totallyyyyyyyy wrong. haha! it was interesting...we were only an hour and 30 minutes late for our apointment though! 
On Wednesday we made about 1,000,000 clothes pins. One of our investigators is working for the biggest dirtbag in Lages. She gets paid 1 real for each bucket she makes...that like 50 cents for FIVE GALLONS! 
then we had to catch the bus BACK to Centro...we thought it was coming at 9:00 and it was 8:45 ... we BOOKED it to Petropolis...and made it in like 5 mintues. It was pretty impressive...but then we ended up waiting like 40 minutes for the bus to come anyway...we got home pretty late. 
Thursday we went back and helped make clothes pins again. It´s fun being on a mission and discovering talents...because I can make clothes pins SO FAST! It´s kinda fun, we ate popcorn and had competitons. Today she had 2 HUGE bags (like the kind we buy grain in) of pins to make before the night was up. 
Thursday night we didn´t sleep because at 3:00 a van came to pick us up for zone conference  on the other side of the world. It was a TON of fun. Mostly because I was reunited with Sister McKinney and Elder Young!!! President talked SO much about marriage..it was the weirdest thing in the world. but, it was still good. After...we left...and we drove back to Lages...we didn´t get home unil 9:00...I slept like a ROCK and woke up the next morning feeling like I did after snowboarding for the first time. haha. (basically like I just got hit by a train...it was awesome-__-) 
Sunday we got a bunch of refferrals. We´ve been getting SO MANY lately. It´s  awesome. 
Yesterday we traveled again to Blumaneau and stayed there all day for a doctors´visit. It´s a cool city...SUPER German Architecture. It´s pretty cool. 
Today I had my Ultrasound...no answers yet. 
This week we have Divisions, Zone Training Meeting, The WORLD CUP!, and Festa da Pinhao here in Lages! Should be good. 

I love you all! 
-Sister Huskey

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