Monday, June 2, 2014

Transfers: Lages

This week was transfers! Sister May is training and we got a Corto Prazo in the apartment! (A member who is a missionary for just a transfer) She is 17, and is from the town that Sister VanWagnen is serving in right now!
It´s been a weird week or two, Sister Munafo and I are both having some health problems going on- So we´ve been in and out of Doctor´s apointments almost every day it feels like. 
Tuesday was exciting, since I didn´t get to talk to mom on mother´s day, I was giving permission to Skype on Tuesday night, which was probably a better deal, because I got to talk with Laura and Em too! 
Friday was our first real day of missionary work this week, it was awesome. Being a missionary makes me so happy, the days that sickness strickes are hard, I try to work through them when I can, but we were basically forbidden to leave the house until friday unless we had to go to the doctor. haha. it was pretty interesting. 
But, it was still a good week. 
Saturday there were two baptisms in two of the ward´s in our stake, and Sunday we saw LOTS of less actives. 
This week we have Zone Conference on Friday, a Helping Hands project on Saturday and Sunday President Fernandes is speaking at a Stake fireside! 
Should be good. 
-Huskey Child #3 

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