Monday, June 23, 2014

It´s officially WINTER....yet again...woohoo!

Soooooo This week....READY!?

Monday night we had American Pizza Family Home Evening! Woohoo!
Tuesday we watched the World Cup.
THAT game was stinkin INTENSE. 
If I ever saw war...that was it. Everyone played HARD... 
But I have to say that still to this day I really don´t like that offsides rule. 
I´m trying to get over it, but it´s pretty hard...
( For those of you who didn´t watch the Brasil Mexico game, Brazil made a goal in the first half, but they were offsides, so it didn´t count...the game ended out 0-0) 
The member we watched with made us DELICIOUS pizza. 
One with lots of really good meat 
and another with sweet and condensed milk, strawberries, and chocolate.
People eat a LOT of Sweet and Condensed milk down here, 
it´s awesome. 

Wednesday was when everything broke, 
our washer backed up, 
our sink was being weird, 
our grill, 
our bathroom light, 
all of the things..
oh the life of a missionary! 
I don´t think that I´d feel like a real missionary if these things DIDN´T happen..
I mean, It´s all part of the life...
Waking up to 
(Lion King...) 
Praying on an Ice cold floor. 
Drying off as FAST as possible after showering so the water doesn´t freeze to your body. 
Putting on a million layers and a blanket to get warm.
Walking a million kilometers to Penha and back, 
just to see one person..
It´s the life....
but honstly, 
nothing else would be able to make me happy right now. 
I love every bit of it! 
Ok....I could stand the temperature to be a little bit warmer every once in a while, 
in all, 
it´s pretty good. 
so basically, our apartment exploded.
So, Sister Munafo and I cleaned while Sister Vesolli and Sister Soares went out and did their work. 
It looks SO MUCH better now. haha.
We made everyone french toast for dinner after to celebrate are newly 
Celestial-ized apartment. 
It was great. 

Thursday we had District meeting with our New district...
on the way there was this old (probably drunk) dude walking around the street, he was singing something and would yell ÒLAY!! 
...He might be cold and alone and drunk walking around at 7 in the morning,
but that guy sure is happy! 

Friday we visited a less active/single mom,
who is in school and has a LOT of tests going on right now, 
and on top of that  is working full time.
She´s amazing. 
We went over and made her lunch. 
Later she told us that she was just praying that 
someone would come over and help her! 
It´s a cool feeling to know when you are literally an answer to prayer! 

Saturday...If I remember correctly, 
that´s the day we walked to the moon and back....
ok, to Penha. 
Usually we would take the Onibus, 
but no one loaded our card with money at the beginning of the month 
and we are sick of using our own allotment for it 
and not being able to buy anything else
so we´ve just been walking. 
It took us 2 hours. 
By the time we got there it was dark, 
annnnddd our investigator wasn´t even home...
At least we got our exercise! 

Sunday we were expecting 10000 people to come to church, 
the only ones who did were the ones we thought would be the LEAST likely to show up! 
WOO! haha. 
But I guess the most exciting part of this week is that 
I´m sad that I´m missing this fresh little kid right now, but the good news is that I´LL BE HOME IN SIX MONTHS! 
Yeeeeahhhhh. (as of right now, You´re all getting me for Christmas eve!)
(Especially Arie!)

Sister Huskey #2 

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