Monday, June 16, 2014

Laageessss and Pinhaoo.

I don´t know if it´s the Festa do Pinhao that´s going on or if it´s just Lages, but everyone and their stray dogs are riding their horses ALL over town lately. #thingsthatmakeyoutrunky
I am in Hick Town Brazil right now.
It´s been interesting, that´s for sure.
This week was LONG...It went by fast but it was SO LONG.
Tuesday night we had 8 sisters staying in our TINY apartment. It was awful..but somehow I was able to take a shower the next morning. haha.
Wedensday we had Zone Training Meeting, and I FINALLY got dad and Jenni´s letter! woohoo! We had Churrasco for lunch, (brazilian BBQ) so stinkin delicious.
Thursday was Dia dos Namorados (aka Valentines day) but MORE importantly it was the Opening day of the Cupo do Mundo!! WOOHOO! We watched it with some investigators, it was awesome.
But I think that Holland might win...either that or Spain just sucks...Because they KICKED Spain in the BUTT on friday.
Friday the 13th...The funniest thing I have ever seen, I saw today. One of our members is an English teacher, she has this book called Watch Your Mouth...basically it´s just a book FULL of bad words in´s freaking hilarious. 
On Saturday Sister Munafo got attacked by a bunch of dogs...and I didn´t. THAT was also funny.
 Annnnddd on Sunday we had 2 investigators at church!! WOO HOOO!!

It was a good week. I love it.

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