Monday, June 30, 2014

Thank the Lord for Julio Cesar!

This week was Loooonnngggggg. 
Lots of thing happened.
Brasil played Camarões on Monday night- It was intense-
Camarões had their arms ALL over the place and Brasil was 3 men down because of it.
(lucky day for the 2nd string players!) 
But in the end, everyone got what they deserved.
Brasil won! 
Eat that Camarões! 

Gotta love Brasil. People here generally think that I´m from Argentina. SOMETIMES they think I´m from Brasil, but then I start talking and that idea jumps out the window...haha. Argentina is usually their next guess.

Tuesday Virtually NO ONE was home. But it was ok, because on Wednesday, we saw EVERYONE!
Ok, not everyone, but a TON of people. 
What was cooler was that lots of people just started talking to us, instead of the other way around. haha. 
Some were weird, that´s normal for everyday, but there were some really cool ones too. 
Weird One: We were walking for the bus terminal when we see one of our investigators in the square! So obviuosly we stopped and talked with her. A couple seconds later one of the Hippies (homeless drunk/high dude with dreads) comes up to us, sticks out his hand and says, `Bom Trabalho Americanas! Bom Trabalho!´ (Good work Americans!Good work!) We each shook his hand...a little reluctantly...and then we all shared some hand sanitizer too. haha.  
Cool One: We got on the bus later and were talking about school (in English) and a man taps me on the shoulder and says `VOCÊ FALA NOSSA LINGUA!??`( Do you speak our language!? )
It was funny, because I think the idea that if you speak loud enough and slow enough anyone can understand you is a universal idea. 
At least, he definitely thought it would work. 
And it totally did because YES I SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE! haha. 
We talked to him about why we were there and where we were from and al that good stuff. By the end we gave like 7 people on the bus Convites for church. 
After lunch we taught a pretty interesting lesson with a woman who has a Suuuuupppper huge crush on Jesus...haha...I guess the stained glass depictions in her Cathedral were pretty good? Who knows, but she hasn´t read the bible...
We also went and saw a less active and her daughter. 
Guess what their names were....
Maria and Maria! 

Ok, I just have to make a side note here. I never realized how much Catholics LOOOVVEE the virgin mary until I got here...They love her a lot. And whenever I see people praying to the Massive statue of her in Centro I just can´t help but think..` know she´s not a virgin anymore...right?`

I just crack myself up. 
Seriously. I think I could be a horrible Stand-up Comedian if I wanted to..haha
Gotta love the Catholics...
Moving on. 

Maria and Maria, They love us- They made us Pão de Queio.
Maria the younger went outside and picked some kind of grass...who knows what it was, but she put it in the tea pot and boiled it and out came delicious Chá!
They kept trying to feed us more food, somehow we got out of there without being too stuffed.

Another cool lesson was with a lady we met on the street, she was taking out her trash when we started talking with her. She invited us in and told us how the Missionaries taught them 15 years ago, and she still reads the book of mormon ALL the time, she told us about what she had been reading lately.--Sayyy  Whaaa!?? 
Not even joking. 
They would´ve been baptized, but they weren´t married back then (and still are´t)  Sooo.....even though they know it´s true, they wont get baptized because they don´t want to go through the hassle of getting married..

Foorr realll!!

what a shame.

Later on we had our meeting with Bishop. He wants us to do another ward activity. Last week we decided on a Pizza night, but today someone piped in and started talking about how they could get a bunch of yogurt for free. `Let´s have a Yogurt Night!`
Bishop was sold, I think the word free did it. 
SOooooo yeah, we thought real hard about what we could actually DO for the activity, but nothing came. haha. 

Thursday was a another Tuesday.
No one home
Stale Salgadinhos 
Pouring rain
Someone gave us bad directions, and the bus didn´t take us where we needed to go...
But it was ok, because we made lava cake when we got home. haha. 
And I whiped some whiped cream all on my own. (we don´t have beaters) 

Friday we figured out the ward activity, and it´s  WAY cooler now. haha. It was also POURING RAIN. It was sooo hard, it went straight through the unbrella half the time. haha. horrible. 
Lunch built my testimony of God´s love for me. We walked into the members house, and of ANYTHING their daughters could´ve been watching, they were watching ´She´s the Man`WOOHOOOO!!!
LANNGUAGEE STUUDYY!!! haha..jk..but really. 
After lunch we just got on the first bus that passed by- it was an adventure. FO SHO. 
Those busses go WAY faster than they ever should. Going through puddles was awesome. The big ones shot up water, probably 15 feet, at LEAST. It was sick. We thought we were going to die...but we didn´t and I consider that a MIRACLE!!
Thursday also marked the last day of President Fernandes and the first day of our new President! President Hamiful Silva! woop! woop! 

BRASIL vs. CHILE!!!!!!!
We were supposed to watch with our member at lunch, but somehow no one told us that they were leaving right after.....soo we got like, the first 10 minutes and then we had to walk home in the least we could hear whenever something exciting happened! haha
We caught the last bit with the Porteira (door man) of the complex. 
Brasil and Chile.....Sudden Death. 
I think I almost had a heart attack...
Sudden Death is THE WORST! 

But thank the Lord for Julio Cesar. He did an AMAZING job. 

And because of that Brasil WONNNN!!! 

Lages was on FIRE after the last attemt, Fireworks goin off right and left, noise makers echoing everywhere. It was probably the loudest walk to the church ever haha. Everyone was Honking and blowing air horns and waving their flags out the window in the pouring rain. 
Everyone was SOOOO HAPPY!!!
Everyone we passed had a HUGE smile on their face! 

Ahh...gotta love it.

They will play again on my birthday!! 
Sorry Chile...

After we stopped by the church we taught our new family. They are amazing, they have a daughter and just want her to grow up with good values. The dad found the church on the internet, and since the family has watched just about every video the church has put out. They just ask us question after question! It´s so cool! `Soooo...say we wanted to get baptized, what would we have to do?` `Sooo..say we wanted to get sealed in the temple, how do we make that happen?`
AHHHHH! They are awesome. 

Sunday was beautiful. 
We had a bunch of investigators at church. Our family and two others! Yippee!!!
On top of that, somehow, whenever we bring someone to chruch they know someone else there, all our investigators were swept away by our members, we didn´t even have to ask anyone to take care of them, THEY´RE THE BEST! 
Bishop announced the ward activity, we hadn´t mentioned our new plan to him yet, but it was pretty funny watching him realize how dumb, `Night of Yogurt`sounds. haha. Here´s the announcement he gave...
´on the 11th we will have a ward activity, Night of (Realization) Yogurt...we will have various activities..and after...yogurt...If you like yogurt, you´ll LOVE this activity.´
Two thumbs up bispo. 
don´t worry we gotchyoback.
After church we saw some of our favorite investigators that we haven´t seen in a while because we haven´t had money on our onibus pass ALL MONTH...anyway we saw them today, 
They love us. They literally would not let us leave. Every time we got up ´to go´they´d say `Senti mais, sisters! Senti Mais!´(Sit down, stay longer sisters!) hahaha. Eventually we got away, but not without them, they gave us a ride home in their Fusca Azul (Blue beatle) 
Gotta love em. 

This week was awesome. 
LOTS of little trials, LOTS of Success, LOTS of fun, LOTS of Football, it´s the life- Everyone should serve a misson. 
It´s the best. 

Until next week! 
Love ya! 
-Sister Huskey #2 

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